Tips from the Inspector #8343

Tips from the Inspector TREC#8343

A daily tip from a Houston Home Inspector, quick, easy and most importantly CHEAP, tips on how to improve your home before a home inspection.


Tip #1


Vacuum Breakers, also known as, Backflow Preventers, or Anti-Siphon Devices, are small devices that easily thread onto the “hose bib” or outdoor faucet. These little devices act as a one way valve, preventing the water that has already flowed through it from coming back.

Vacuum Breakers Icon
Vacuum Breaker.

They are now Code for all structures with outdoor hose bibs or faucets.

Why Is That Important, you ask?

Because many of today’s fertilizers, weed killers and insecticides come bottled with an “attach a hose” applicators,



and any sudden loss of pressure could result in the chemicals being sucked back into the water supply, poisoning the drinking water.

Water IconPlus IconFertilizerEqual IconPoison Icon


Vacuum Breakers are designed to break that suction and prevent anything from flowing back into the drinking water.


Where Are They?

They can be found easily at any hardware store or builders warehouse, like Lowe’s or Home Depot, ranging in price from $6.00 to $8.00.

How It Is Used?

To install a Vacuum Breaker, simply thread it onto the faucet as you would a regular hose and tighten the set screw so it will not come loose when you tighten or untighten your hose. The Vacuum Breaker will fit your hose, just as the regular faucet did.

You have just protected the potable water supply in your home, and you have knocked off an “In Need Of Repair” from the Inspectors report.


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