Tip 2 from the Inspector #8343

Tips from the Inspector TREC#8343

A daily tip from a Houston Home Inspector, quick, easy and most importantly CHEAP, tips on how to improve your home before a home inspection.


Tip #2

Light Bulbs

Light Bulb Icon

As an inspector, I am required to verify the light fixtures in each room and make sure that they work properly. I do this by flipping the light switch and turning on the light lets me know that the fixture is working properly.

Why Is That Important?

Lights Work Icon

When there is no bulb in that fixture, the job becomes more difficult. An inspector can use an electrical current detector that can be used to determine if electrical power is getting to the fixture or not, however, not every inspector does this. Additionally, if it is a three way switch, or if there are several lights that have no bulb and multiple switches that may or may not go to these inoperable lights, the situation becomes confusing and you will get an “In Need Of Repair”. 

The Good News!

Elecrticity IconThis is an easy fix and very CHEAP. Before the inspection, do a quick check of every light fixture in your home and make sure that each has a working bulb in place. Do not forget to include the garage and the out door lights if you have any.



Where Are They?

Available at most retail stores and builders warehouses, such as Walmart, Home Depot or Lowes .ect. Ranging in price from $4.00 to $14.00.

What You’ve Acheived?

If you ensure that each working light fixture has a working bulb in place, you will not only speed up the inspection process, but also you will remove an “In Need Of Repair” from the inspectors report.

Light Bulb Graphic


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