Tip 4 from the Inspector #8343

Tips from the Inspector TREC#8343

A daily tip from a Houston Home Inspector, quick, easy and most importantly CHEAP, tips on how to improve your home before a home inspection.


Tip #4

Electrical Cover


During the course of an inspection, each of these electrical components of your home should be inspected and/or tested by your home inspector. Should the inspector find a switch or receptacle with a missing or broken cover, he or she must write up each occurrence as a safety hazard.

Why is that Important?

A broken or missing electrical cover plate for a receptacle or light switch will trigger an “In Need Of Repair” comment on your Home Inspection Report. If there are several in your home, the notation of each location can add quite of bit to the length of your home inspection report.


The homeowner can remedy this situation before it begins by doing a room-to-room quick check of each light switch and receptacle cover. Verify each plate is actually there, examine each plate to ensure it is not cracked, and touch each plate to make sure it is not loose.


If, while you are checking these plates, you find a plate that seems excessively WARM to the touch, I recommend that you call a qualified electrician immediately, as that can be a sign of overheating, and a FIRE is possible.


Where Are They?

You can purchase a replacement a cracked or missing cover for as little as $1.25 each at Lowe’s.

How To Use?

Install it by tightening the screws that come with the plate. Take care not to over tighten the screws. That is how most of the broken plates got broken in the first place. If they are loose, then again, carefully tighten them up, taking care not to break them.

What You’ve Achieved?

Most homes that have been lived in for a few years will have one or two plates that are cracked or even missing, but for a couple of dollars you can strike that mark off of your Inspection Report.



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