Welcome to Tex-Pro Houston Home Inspections: Tip & Tricks Blog. Thank you for stopping by. This site is filled with useful information for the home buyer, the home seller, the agent and the Houston Home Inspector as well. I’m going to telling y’all how to make quick, easy and most importantly CHEAP fixes to your homes to keep them in top physical condition so that when the time to move comes and you call me a problem that could have been solved for $20 now costs you $200 plus me.

Those of you that are shopping for a Houston home inspector, please take a moment to consider this. The average home inspection in the Houston area now costs around $375.00. I get many calls from price shoppers that are trying to find the cheapest price. They are about to invest $175,000 in a home purchase, and they are trying to save $50 on their home inspection.

No one should throw money away, and if I were buying a toaster, I’d rather spend $20 than $50 any day. But when it comes to Houston home inspectors, the old adage “You get what you pay for” is very true. While my prices are not the lowest in the Houston area, they are not the highest either. However, my Home Inspection report is extremely thorough, very readable and very educational, with photos and illustrations to help make the information more understandable.

Call 713-876-2298! Professional, licensed, certified Houston home inspector provides home, commercial, phase inspections in Spring, Woodlands, Katy, Kingwood


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